Jeremy Mano Attends Career Focus Day at Louisiana Tech

By March 28, 2023 No Comments
At ARRIVE, we’re excited for the future of architecture.
One of our Project Managers, Jeremy Mano, had the opportunity to attend his alma mater’s Career Focus Day at Louisiana Tech this year.
“I think the Career Focus Day was a major success, and I have such a s sense of pride seeing the quality of work being produced by those students. I enjoyed talking to the students about something we are both passionate about. Going back and being able to sit to discuss ARRIVE, architecture and the future with students is like a battery recharge for the soul. Louisiana Tech is home, not literally but that’s where I made lifelong friends, meet my wife, and my love for architecture / design matured; it will always be special to me.”
When asked what advice he would give to a college student looking for a career in architecture he said, ‘“Come take my job!’ That’s what I was told by leadership at ARRIVE. It wasn’t meant in a competitive nature but in a desire to mentor me. They wanted to pour everything they could into me. That is how we grow the firm, by growing the people we spend 10 hours a day with. To me, ‘Come take my job’ resonated on a completely different level, and I think I speaks volumes to the culture that Marc, William and Bryan have ingrained into this firm.”

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