ARRIVE Team Members Attend Texas Society of Architects Conference

By November 21, 2023 No Comments

Earlier this month, two of our Project Managers attended the Texas Society of Architects Conference in Fort Worth. At ARRIVE we always want to be learning and growing in our careers so we can deliver the best for our clients. Not only did they get some great takeaways from their time in the sessions, but Jeremy Mano also personally sponsored a junior on the architecture track from West Plano High School to attend the conference.

By sponsoring this next generation of architects, Jeremy’s hope is this will create students with passion for architecture and benefit their future career.

During the sessions, Jeremy got the most from the “Accessible Multi-Family Design is Complex: Let’s Decode It!” session they attended. This gave clarity to the scoping of the accessibility standards and codes. For a zoning and early project development session, “BLOCK 185: A Creative Synthesis of Interior and Exterior Design” discussed zoning overlays and changing the perception of a restriction. As an architect we can take ownership of the parameters and work with the AHJ to design a beautiful building that meets zoning and building code requirements and satisfies the client’s needs.

Relationships are vital in the field of architecture, and Pedro was able took time at the conference to network and learn about the new products to incorporate in our projects to give our clients the best quality. Because this was a state-based conference, it also allowed him to dive deeper into Texas based projects and see how others are addressing the specific needs of our in-state projects.

We value conferences like this as they offer us a chance to learn, develop, and enhance our skills. Our team is grateful for these opportunities as they help us provide exceptional services to our clients.

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