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ARRIVE Leadership’s Takeaways from the EFA Conference

By April 19, 2022 No Comments

At ARRIVE we’re dedicated to providing continuing education for all of our team members to make us the best architects for our clients. We recently attended the Environments for Aging (EFA) conference in Milwaukee. Here are some takeaways our team members had from their time at the conference:

“I always enjoy the EFA conference – this is my sixth one! It helps me and our team stay current on trends and innovations in senior living design, codes, technology and products. EFA is great place to network with other colleagues in our field to create connections that ultimately benefit our clients.”

Marc Tolson, Founder, Managing Principal

“The EFA conference is always an impactful time, connecting and learning from others in the senior living field. This year was no different. There is a lot of innovation when it comes to designing that I’m excited to see implemented, as we continue to serve our clients.”

William French, Founder, Senior Project Manager

“One of the biggest things that stood out is being intentional, not only intentional in the design or aesthetic of our building; but intentional in how we educate the “new seniors”, recent college graduates, and others. We need to remove this negative stigma that has been burned into our head of what “we” think a Senior Living and Assisted Living community is, intentional in the connections we can provide to the surrounding communities of our buildings, intentional in how we market our buildings, intentional in what goes into the building and the simple things that make life more convenient and productive for the residents.

It’s also exciting to see how the different models of Memory Care philosophy are being pushed across the United States and the potential to take the pros of each one and try to align them with the goals of each client to integrate them into the up and coming designs we have here at ARRIVE.”

Jeremy Mano, Project Manager

“For me it is always good to attend these conferences and get an insight on the direction that the profession is growing, and learning from others on how they are dealing with current and future issues, that affect our profession.”

Pedro Martinez, Architect, Project Manager

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