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ARRIVE Partners with DFW NOMA for Project Pipeline

By September 12, 2022 No Comments

At ARRIVE, we see the value in fostering the next generation of architects. Through the work of DFW NOMA (The National Organization of Minority Architects) and Project Pipeline, two of our team members were able to guide middle schoolers through the design process and empower them in their futures.
Did you know that at the start of 2020, 116,000 individuals meet the credentials to call themselves a licensed architect? Roughly 2% of this population is defined as African American. In Texas there are roughly 140 licensed black architects. The number of African American Architects has risen since then, but the growth rate and the percentage has remained the same for a number of years. Because of this, ARRIVE is passionate about seeing diversity in architecture and supports the efforts of DFW NOMA.
Over the past decade, Project Pipeline has served over 10,000 students throughout the country. At the DFW camp, students are encouraged to create a project that addresses an issue in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through Project Pipeline, minority students gain access to design professionals they would not get typically. According to Jeremy Mano, Project Manager at ARRIVE, “Representation means a lot in today’s climate. We are the role models for these students to look up to.” Through the guidance and mentorship of design professionals, students created model of their idea and presented it to the rest of the camp.
Because of our in-person limitations over the past two years with the pandemic, we were excited to return to our volunteer efforts, especially through the partnership of DFW NOMA.

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